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Desaparecidos de la Dictadura Militar Argentina

By Emmanuel Frezzotti

This picture by Emmanuel Frezzotty, showcase some of the face of the "desaparecidos" or missing people in during the Military Dictatorship in Argentina. 

"Desaparecidos" is the title given in Latin America to civilians who were forcibly disappeared by the state, armed organizations or individuals. For example, during the dictatorships in Argentina, Brasil, Chile and other countries, there were thousands of cases of enforced disappearance. But also, right now, with the war on drugs happening in Mexico and Colombia, the cases of this crime against humanity have multiplied.

To learn more about the "desaparecidos" go to https://thestandrewseconomist.com/2018/10/11/the-culture-of-the-disappeared-in-latin-america/