Doudouce Knol

Fire in the Aquaponics

On a morning in my first week of interning in the Aquaponics, I came in the greenhouse and found out that one of the upper grow beds had burned down. The plastic that was above the water level had completely melted and was dripping on the floor, and the floor was flooded with water...

We are not sure about what happened but we think that it was a technical failure in the LED light. Luckily you could call aquaponics a self extinguishing system as the fire extinguished once it reached the water level. 

After the first shock we realised that the biggest danger was that the burned plastic that got into the water flow, was reaching the fish. We removed the whole upper grow bed immediately.  

Making a new grow bed took more time than expected. First we removed all the rocks and washed them off to remove the mud and burned plastic that sticked to them. After that, we found an old 1000l IBC tank at Mediamatic that we could use to cut a new grow bed. Now we are in the process of putting new bamboo under it and refilling it with rocks and plants. 


Burned growbed -