Doomer / Bloomer

Meme Therapy with Lucie Chateau and Holly Foxton

14 Nov 2020

How are you feeling about climate change? Whatever you feel, you are probably not alone. Countless memes are made and posted onto the internet that express emotions felt toward the incoming climate crisis. It is said that 90% of internet users view content, 9% edit or modify content and only 1% create that content. Gain an insight into this 1%, develop your own creation and talk about climate change in this workshop. Does the 1% reflect your own feelings or do you have something more to say?

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Doomer / Boomer at Mediamatic - Holly Foxton

What you will do

In this workshop, you’ll learn about climate crisis meme cultures from a meme expert. In particular, the way in which the meme-generation’s anxiety concerning climate change is caught within the ironic nature of meme cultures. You’ll have the chance to make your own meme collages about climate change, after having guided discussions about the topic. No need to bring a screen, we will have all you need here and the memes you will make will be on paper (waste will, of course, be recycled). Feel free to bring your own collaging material, including magazines and newspapers.

Lucie Chateau

Lucie Chateau is working towards her PhD at Tilburg University, with research focusing on how meme subcultures and their aesthetics have real-life political implications. She has completed two masters theses, one about depression memes which was subsequently presented at the Digital Intimacies 2019 conference at Monash University, Australia. She then also has a soon-to-be-published thesis from the UvA around anti-capitalist memes.

Holly Foxton

With an academic background in New Media and Digital Culture, Holly's research at Mediamatic as an intern took her down the path of looking at a changed world in the face of climate change. The way society consumes will soon change in our lifetimes, whether by choice or by force, and she wants to explore ways in which we can prepare for this shift, in mind and practice.


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Attendance limited to 20 people. We maintain a minimum of 10 participants.
Please note that this workshop will be held in English.
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