Code Noir: Workshop

with Lelani Lewis

14 Nov 2020

You probably eat potatoes in the form of fries, mash, and chips. You may have a sugary snack every day. Or maybe a fruit salad on the go. Do you really know the complex history of the food on your plate? 

Code Noir is a workshop led by chef Lelani Lewis guiding the audience through the gastronomical history of the Caribbean, discovering how international trade created the cross-pollination of flavors that exist on our plates today. Code Noir workshop goes deeper into the ideas and concepts explored in the Code Noir Neo Futurist Dinner.

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The transatlantic slave trade -


What you will do

Code Noir was the name of a 17th Century decree restricting the freedom of enslaved people in the French Colonies of the New World. Lelani Lewis turns Code Noir into an interactive workshop, which consists of various exercises, games, and discussion points. You will learn to think for yourselves and to redefine your idea of globalization, intercontinental trade, colonization, slavery, food, taste and its value.

The workshop challenges you to be critical about the ingredients presented on your plate and the language that is used for their description. We will go deeper into understanding how each period changed the culinary landscape of the Caribbean.

Lelani Lewis

Lelani Lewis, a chef, food stylist, and culinary activist, creates inspiring audience experiences with her innovative and vibrant approach to food. Growing up in South London with Grenadian and Irish heritage, Lelani experienced the diversity of food from a young age. She showcases this deep connection to culinary history from around the world in her work. She became obsessed with the idea of creating a mainstream platform for Caribbean food, modernizing it and making it more accessible. With this in mind, she started Nyam, a catering company, and roaming restaurant.


Full price €50 | Discount €35
We give a discount to students, artists, and Stadspas holders. If this applies to you we might ask to see your kvk nr/portfolio or student card for this option.


Attendance limited to 12 people. We maintain a minimum of 6 participants.
Please note that this workshop will be held in English.
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