Open Aroma Lab

3 Dec 2020

Come by every Thursday for a blending session to create a bottle of your perfume. You will be guided in the making of your own scent and will leave the session with a basic idea of scent composition.

We give priority to your safety. For upcoming months you can work in our Aroma Lab, if you have booked a time slot in our ticket shop. We maintain a maximum of four people.

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Deelnemers selecteren materialen uit het geur-orgel - De workshops tijdens Art Olfaction Amsterdam werden gehouden in ons hernieuwde Aroma Lab met het meest uitgebreide geur-orgel van Nederland. Een geur orgel is een geordende verzameling aromatische materialen die een parfumeur gebruikt bij het maken van een parfum.  Anisa Xhomaqi

Blending step-by-step

We provide a robust selection of natural and synthetic aromatic molecules, perfumer’s alcohol, beakers and droppers, scent strips and bottles, and some light and friendly guidance. First, and with guidance, choose your favorite ones from our perfume organ. Then you will fill your vials with the materials and your scent will take its first shape. Following, you create and edit your first perfumery formula. You will have up to 10 trials with 5 ingredients. In case you want to blend more than 5 ingredients, you pay €1,- per extra ingredient.


Blending session ticket €30


3rd December, 16:00-18:00 & 18:00-20:00
We are taking corona safety into account at our workshops.
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