Julia van der Veen

Adjusted dinner times in our restaurant

We've made some changes in our service and schedule, so that we can still receive all reservations for a relaxed and corona-proof dinner experience, even though we have to close at 22:00.

Late dinner one hour earlier
The late dinner will take place one hour earlier. The reservations from 20:45 changed to 19:45. This way we make sure that there is enough time to have a relaxed dinner. 

Early Dinner adjustments
The time of the early dinner (17:45) does not change. Though, we would kindly yet urgently like to ask you to come in time, as we aim to start serving the first course at 17:45. The dessert will be served inside our restaurant. This way it is possible to stay as long as desired after the dinner. 

Make a reservation in our restaurant here. 

More info about our other measures can be found here.



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