La Cocina Presents: Staging a Banquet

Conversation and tasting with Emanuele Coccia

1 Nov 2020

Unfortunately this presentation is cancelled! 

When we prepare and eat food we don’t only combine and ingest solids and liquids, but also symbols, protocols, values, and centuries of history. 

‘Staging a Banquet’ alludes to the importance of reflecting on the effects that some substances we consume daily underpin. In this morning we elaborate on the notion of nutrition in a conversation and tasting with philosopher Emanuele Coccia. 

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Staging a banquet -

The Life of Plants

In his acclaimed book, The Life of Plants: A metaphysics of mixture, as in his recent book Métamorphoses, philosopher Emanuele Coccia proposes a delightful and most urgent revision of the manner in which humans and non-humans relate to each other. He presents us with a decentered ontology that thwarts a world view in which humans – and by extent animals – are at the centre of life, inviting us to re-evaluate long-established hierarchies and disciplinary divisions. From this point of view, Emanuele will reflect on the food that will be tasted during this morning, and elaborate on the notion of nutrition, which has not only to do with energy or metabolism but also has deep political and ethical correspondences.

Emanuele Coccia 

Emanuele Coccia is an Italian philosopher who lives in Paris, where he teaches at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), one of the most important schools of contemporary human sciences. Starting from studies on Averroes and Averroism, his research turned to the ontological status of images and their regulatory power, and to the investigation about the nature of living beings. Regarding these issues, he has published numerous books, translated into various languages, including Sensible Life(Il Mulino, 2011), which analyzes sensitivity as a complementary, rather than opposed, ability to rational thinking, The good in things. Advertising as a moral discourse(Il Mulino, 2014), and the most recent and well-known Life of Plants: A Metaphysics of mixture (Il Mulino, 2018), which has been translated into ten languages. He has collaborated on editorial projects with the philosopher Giorgio Agamben and held lectures and courses in the universities of Freiburg, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, at Columbia University, and Princeton.

La Cocina

La Cocina [Lore Gablier/Alejandro Ramírez] organises dinner events, lectures, performances, screenings and discussions that explore deeper into the kitchen, asking questions like: What surrounds a kitchen? What do our appetites tell us about taste and infrastructure? What do our food and recipes mean for our identity? 

A Matter of (In)digestions

This event is organised as part of the festival: 'A matter of (In)digestions' which is organised by La Cocina in various locations in Amsterdam as well as online in October-November 2020. The festival contains of a series of events that call attention to what we tend to take for granted - that is, what we consume -, and highlight some of the socio-political, historical and cultural intersections that consumption implies.


La Cocina Presents: Staging a Banquet
Conversation and tasting 
1 November at 10:30
Tickets: Full Price €12.50,-