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Longarico Nostrale -

Longarico Nostrale, €24,-

This white wine has a mineral taste with notes of citrus fruits. An unforgettable wine that conveys the story of Sicily. Natural and unfiltered. Sicily, Italy. 11%. 75cl bottle.



Pacory le Poiré -

Pacory le Poiré, €13,-

A sparkling pear cider from northern France that perfectly frames its fruit and spice flavours. 4%. 75 cl bottle.



Capo degli Onesti -

Capo degli Onesti, €18,-

A dry organic white wine, fermented in the bottle. Frizzante "sur lie". 11%. 75cl bottle.



Il Vinco, Canajo -

Il Vinco, Canajo, €23,-

A light, fresh, juicy and organic red wine with a lasting taste, from Lazio, Italy. After a natural fermentation of eight days in concrete, the wine gets transferred to stainless vats where it rests for three months before release. 12%. 75cl bottle.