Nathan Henneken

The Greenhouses: Construction

Tips & Tricks

After the materials have been ordered and received, the greenhouse can be assembled. This process can be more difficult than it looks. Based on our experience, we have made a list of tips and tricks, about the best ways to go about assembling a greenhouse.


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There is a complete and detailed manual available about the assembly of the ECObasic greenhouses that we have at Mediamatic, which you can find here, however, it is only in Dutch.

Manpower and Time

The assembly of a greenhouse requires at least 2 people. With 2 people, building one greenhouse would take about one day.


It is very important to have a flat, level surface, on which to build the greenhouses and where they will eventually be standing. We built them inside and then moved them to the waterside, so the wind wouldn't interfere while building them. If the surface is not level, the frame of the greenhouse will not be completely straight and it will become almost impossible to place the glass in the frame.

Think carefully about where you want to place the greenhouses, as it is possible that they might blow away during heavy storms.


Info over fundering van de kassen - uit de handleiding van ECO tuinkassen

Information about placing the foundation from the manual, unfortunately only in Dutch.

Extra material

We recommend buying extra material for the greenhouses, such as more glass and sliding parts for the door. These spare parts will come in handy in case the glass breaks when you move the greenhouse and for general wear and tear in the future.

Placing the glass

The glass is reinforced, but still fragile, so always use a suction cup handle to lift it up. When placing the glass, it is important to leave space on both sides between the glass and the frame and put the glass in the middle as much as possible. Don't put in one side first and then the other, because then it will not fit well in the frame.

When you start placing the glass, it is best to start at the bottom of the greenhouse and work your way up, this will make the greenhouse more stable. Make sure that the sealing rubber between the glass and the frame is placed correctly, otherwise, leakage may occur.


Placing the rubber - Afbeelding uit de handleiding van de

Once the little window in the roof has been assembled, and the glass has been put in place, you could use transparent silicone sealant to make the window 100% waterproof, and to avoid the plastic from hitting the aluminium.

Stainless steel screws

While assembling the frame, we have used stainless steel screws (against the rust). These are not as strong as regular steel screws, so it is important to be careful while putting in the screws and to use a correct size screwdriver.

Order of assembly

As mentioned previously, it is helpful to assemble the frame separately (on a level surface) and place it on the foundation afterwards. Only once the frame is mounted on the foundation it is time to place the glass. Click here for more information about the measurements of the greenhouses.


Empty Serre - photo by Anisa Xhomaqi