T - Meet Natali Blugerman

Brainstorming, conceptualising and idea-sharing with the artist

1 Jan 4300

Natali Blugerman creates space with installations and performances that evoke an intense awareness shifting experience in her audience. She does this with natural elements, materials and phenomena. Exchange your ideas with Natali Blugerman by signing up for half-an-hour meet-up with her.

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Light Observatory #2 seen from inside of the installation - by Natali Blugerman Natali Blugerman

For Whom?

The conversations with Natali Blugerman are meant for anyone who has an interest in the creation of spaces that make us acutely aware of our subjective experience with our surroundings and challenge the boundaries between the outside and the inside.

During the consult, you sit down with Natali to discuss your work, ideas, and challenges. You can expect an honest talk filled with (unwanted) advice and original ideas.

About the artist

Through her installations and performances, Natali Blugerman tries to create space to have strong experiences of aspects of the universe we are a part of. Her aim is to expand our notion of ourselves in order to break the boundaries of what we think we are and open ourselves to new possibilities. Her main tools for this are natural elements, materials and phenomena. The deconstruction of images in light, darkness and the mind has been an endless vessel of fascination for her for years. For the past years she has been working with natural and artificial light creating Observatories with the aim to unlearn the boundaries of vision and be able to see more than what we are used to see. She has also been working on combining these experiences with spatial design and urban design. Her last work The Sensorial Neighbourhood, is a virtual urban design and artistic body that manifests itself in the urban scape. Its inhabitants create a fingerprint for interventions they wished occurred in their surroundings, and the neighbourhood’s designers form a creative group to materialize this wish. The sensorial neighbourhood cherishes and promotes collaboration, creativity, and intuition as means to explore and re-invent the cities we live at.

One of Natali's observatories, Light Observatory #2, is currently exhibited at Mediamatic. 

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