Nathan Henneken

The Greenhouses: The technical part

Measurements and material

The greenhouses we use are a standard model that you can find in many garden centers. Here you can find all the information about the measurements of the greenhouses and the material they are made of. Would you like some tips about assembling the greenhouse? Click here

Where do our greenhouses come from?

We bought our greenhouses via, this website has a large selection of many different kinds of greenhouses. The model that we have is called ECObasic. These, or similar greenhouses, are widely available at most gardening-specialized stores. With these greenhouses, the frame and foundation are made of aluminium, which tends to be stronger and better against rust. 


ECObasic tuinkas -

What are the measurements?

At Mediamatic we have 2 different sizes:
Greenhouse for 2 persons: 195cm width and 130cm length.
Greenhouse for 4 persons: 195cm width and 192 cm length.


Technical drawing of a Greenhouse -

A= Width: 1925mm
B= Length: small 1300mm/ large 1922mm
C= Gutter height: 1316mm
D= Ridge height: 2020mm
E= Door width: 600mm
F= Door height: 1717mm

What material are the greenhouses made of?

GLASS: The glass in the greenhouses is 3 mm thick reinforced glass.
ALUMINIUM: The frame and the foundation are made of aluminium. In both sizes there is a sliding door and a window that opens from inside.

In deze video worden alle specificaties van de ECO basic kas in detail uitgelegd. (Alleen in het Nederlands)