Nathan Henneken

Who Preceded Us?

Mediamatic wasn't the first restaurant with private spaces for their guests, and greenhouses have been used in hospitality before as well. Which restaurants have applied the private dining concept successfully before? And which restaurants already worked with/in greenhouses?

Restaurants with greenhouses

Several companies have used greenhouses in hospitality in the last few years, and the concept seems to be gaining popularity.


Restaurant De Kas - Restaurant De Kas by Kent Wang via Flickr

Restaurant De Kas

This restaurant in Amsterdam doesn't have separate spaces for its customers, but one large greenhouse where guests can sit and dine. In addition, there are several other greenhouses where ingredients for their restaurant are grown.


The Green House - By The Green House via

The Green House

This restaurant also has one big greenhouse instead of several little ones. In this greenhouse, just like in restaurant De Kas, the ingredients for the restaurant are grown. The restaurant itself is not in the greenhouse but underneath it, on the ground floor.

Dining in Bubbles

Before the Coronavirus there were also restaurants in other parts of the world who had discovered the concept of fine dining in a semi private separate space. The use of bubbles seemed to be used the most.

Igloos in London

In London it turned out to be a tradition that some restaurants place so-called Igloos on their terraces in the winter season. Cozy warm bubbles with a table, set in a lounge-like setting, often with a beautiful view. It is likely that these Igloos give a similar feeling as our Serres. You can find a list with some nice examples here.


Igloos at Aviary in London - via The Resident


Skylight Rooftop - via The Resident

Bubbles in Canada

In addition to the Igloos in London, it was popular in several Canadian cities to serve dinner in 'bubbles' or 'domes'. Contrary to the London Igloos, the interior was less of a lounge setting and more a real dinner table.


Domes in Vancouver & Toronto - by dinnerwithaviewca via Instagram