Dominik Einfalt

Feeling pigeon today?

Creating a Facefilter

How does it feel to be a pigeon? 

Of course, nobody can ever tell, and probably even each pigeon on its own feels different about it. But to support the feeling to be part of the pigeon community I created a face-filter. With it you can experience how it would feel if you would have a -to be honest a little bit oversized- pigeon body.


Parts for the Pigeon Facefilter - Dominik Einfalt


Pigeon Facefilter - Dominik Einfalt


Creating a pigeon aura



I also created a face filter, where an aurora of pigeons enlightens your head. You get attributes of one of the most famous pigeon racer Mike Tyson (the face tattoo) and a pigeon is constantly acting as a Hermes, flying up into the sky and back to your head.