Molding Mycelium: Plant Pots

with Dominik Einfalt and Doudouce Knol

2 Dec 2020

It's obvious that we should re-think our destructive consumption behaviours, and mycelium could be the answer. The living organism can be shaped into various shapes to create products that are 100% degradable. Come to get introduced into the possibilities of mycelium, learn how to mold and shape the bio-material, and create an earth-to-earth pot for your plants. 

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Molding mycelium plant pots - Doudouce Knol, Dominik Einfalt

Mycelium: The plastic of the future

Mycelium is the root system and vegetative part of the mushroom as it absorbs nutrients from the environment. A bio-material with mycelium can be used to create high quality products that are 100% degradable. Due to the myceliums nourishing qualities, these products will eventually feed the soil and plants if they degrade. 

What you will do

In this workshop you will get an introduction into the possibilities of mycelium, and learn one technique of designing with myco-materials. You will immediately apply your freshly gained knowledge to create a biodegradable plant pot. The result can be picked up at Mediamatic 2 weeks after the workshop. 


Dominik Einfalt is studying graphic design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and is currently doing an internship in the CleanLab at Mediamatic. His main focus lies in trans-medial work, interactive installations and bio-arts. Doudouce Knol is doing her internship at the Aquaponics Greenhouse. She is interested in combining plants with degradable materials. Together they have combined their expertise and research about plants and mycelium to create this method of making a mycelium plant pot. You can read more about their research here.


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2nd of December, 19:00-20:30
We maintain a minimum of 4 participants.
Please note that, this workshop will be held in English.
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