Julia van der Veen

We are currently closed

Due to the corona measures we are putting our public program on hold for the coming time. This means no workshops, lectures or open tours. 

In the meantime we take care of the plants in the Aquaponics, experiment with fermenting techniques and build the pigeon tower with mycelium waste. We are also preparing the launch of our new corona-proof Haeckle scavenger hunt, and organising an Odorama lecture to take place after the lockdown. 

We hope we can invite you to join us again as of the 2nd of March. 

Stay Tuned! 



Xiphacantha. / Acanthometra. Stachelstrahlinge - figure 3 - Plate 21 from Kunstformen der Natur. Lithograph by Ernst Haeckel and Adolf Giltsch   This is a figure on plate 21 , one of the 100 pop science biology illustrations that were published from 1899 – 1904 in Leipzig by Ernst Haeckel through Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts, Giltsch Lithografische Anstalt Jena . We've scanned the original lithography, you can download it by clicking on the picture.    Adolf Giltsch, Ernst Haeckel