Goji berry

Lycium barbarum


Goji bes - Lycium barbarum Find more about this plant on Wikipedia .

Aphrodisiac properties

“He who travels one thousand kilometres from home should not eat goji.”

This ancient Chinese proverb, which warns those who have travelled far from their lovers to avoid the goji berry, tells us much of what we need to know. 

Said to increase libido in both men and women due to its ability to boost testosterone levels, the berry is nicknamed ‘the happy berry’ in China. (plantogram.com) The goji berry has also been used in medicine to strengthen the adrenal system, which, as the controller of sex hormones, is often considered the body’s centre of sexual energy. (chiroeco.com, eatsomethingsexy.com)

The Goji berry bush is often used as a food source and playground by sparrows. Considered to be among the most lustful of birds, sparrows were deemed sacred to Aphrodite. (owlcation.com, smitakislesvos.com) So next time you're stood near when a shaking goji berry bush, you can presume there will soon be some baby sparrows hatching within it. And, perhaps this link between Aphrodite, sparrows and the goji bush has disseminated into our culture and contributes to the goji as an arousing berry and plant. 


House Sparrows mating - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:House_Sparrows_mating_I_IMG_0066.jpg