Odorama 43 with Frank Bloem, Pavel van Houten, Niels van Poecke and Mathilde van Otterloo

25 Feb 2021

We are planning an Odorama for after the lockdown. Hopefully we can open our doors on the evening of the 25th of February to talk about the smell of happiness! 

Taking into account the dark winter days, the economic downturn and an ongoing pandemic, we would like to bring some light to the stage of Odorama and in the homes of the people who are watching.

Ironically we can only reach this discourse on happiness after digging into some darker, and more philosophical areas by following the nose of the unhappy philosopher Nietschze. Later we will talk about the smell of joy in the life of pop icon Mariah Carey, and discuss if food, like smelly cheese can actually boost our mood. 

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Nietzches Nose - Friedrich Nietzsche is not only one of the most famous philosophers but also he is the first one to present smell as a philosophical metaphor. At Odoroma 43 Niels van de Poecke will talk more on how Nietzche believed that the sense of smell is a reliable way to discover philosophical truths and the value of our nostrils. Intrigued?  Come and sniff with us on February the 25th at the Odorama Happiness edition!

Smelling lies, sniffing out truths!
Philosopher Niels van Poecke will talk about the relationship between probably one of the most “unhappy” philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche, and smell. Nietzsche not only recognized the value of olfaction as a reliable guide to action but he also suggested that the sense of smell can act as a metaphor for discovering philosophical truths. In one of his autobiographical essays, he describes his life’s work by saying “I was the first to discover the truth, in that I was the first to sense — smell — the lie as lie. My genius is in my nostrils”. This is a truly extraordinary metaphor as no other philosopher has ever made such a connection. On the night, Niels will dive deeper into such correlations and he will inspire us to think more with our noses!

The (un)happy life of Mariah Carey
Visual artist Pavel van Houten will open up an amazing world of smells for us traced in the (auto)biography of the not always happy life of icon Mariah Carey.

Pavel noticed that in her book ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey’, Carey uses detailed scent-memories to open up about her history. From the smells of her childhood, to the smell of pasta softening in boiling water, to a house that smelled of calamity and dog hair. Pavel analysed all scents described in the book and explains what they tell us about the (un)happy life of the famous American singer. 

Say Cheese!
Mathilde van Otterloo is a cheese maker from Amsterdam who makes her cheese according to the French method. She says she is in love with cheese; with the taste, but also with the manufacturing process. Working with a natural ingredient - raw milk - gives her intense satisfaction. Curator of this evening Frank Bloem will talk to her about this craft, and asks if and how certain food such as smelly cheese can make you happy.

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Odorama 43: Happiness
28th of January from 20:00 till 22:30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
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