Julia van der Veen

We have a heat recovering ventilation system!

The most sustainable way to refresh air when it's cold outside

Since the summer we've been busy investigating and installing a complete ventilation system in our office and the project spaces. During the lockdown, Daniël will put the finishing touches to the installation so we can have a continious stream of fresh air in every space once we open again!


Installing the ventilation system in the Haeckel Kamer - Anne Lakeman

With: Daniël Smit

The air in the Biotoop is easily refreshed without any ventilation system; we have lots of big open space with windows and openings. Still, in the winter it isn't always nice to leave the windows and doors open, because all the heat gets lost. We want to be able to ventilate our spaces well, without wasting all of our preciously heated up air.

Supplying fresh air, without loosing heat

That is why we are now using heat recovery ventilation systems. These machines have a heat regulator. In the heat regulator, most of the warmth of the outgoing air is transmitted to the incoming air. The system gets rid of the air within Mediamatic, and replaces it with filtered air from outside, while keeping a large part of the heat.

How does it work? 

The heat recovery machines work automatically. They have CO2 sensors, which measure when there is too much CO2 in the air. If this is the case, the machine will start to work harder until the CO2 levels have decreased enough. One of these machines is capable of refreshing 6000 liters of air per minute. In our larger spaces, we have even installed two of these systems.

When we open again, our heat recovery machines will be capable of keeping the spaces we use for workshops, lectures and expositions well-ventilated and warm. Even if several people are gathered there.

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