Messages from the Myco-Assemblage

Arne Hendriks talks about his attempts to construct pigeon guano towers with living mycelium waste.

22 Jan 2021

Arne discusess his joint attempts to build structures with living mycelium waste. What have they learned? What are the challenges?  And what stories have emerged so far? Over the next months, all through the winter and into the spring of 2021, he will continue to build myco-towers while listening to the messages that the mycelium, the pigeons, and its multiple other voices have to share with us. 

Free Entrance / 


What does it feel like? - By opening up the packaging around the mycelium blocks, the audience 'met' the material that Arne Hendriks and Dominik Einfalt have been working with over the past months. Anne Lakeman

Arne Hendriks

Arne Hendriks is an artist and researcher on human ecology. He explores the borders of specific cultural values that define our relationship with the planet. His projects include The Incredible Shrinking Man that researches if it is possible to downsize the human species to better fit the earth and Fatberg, the building of an island of fat. As regular Mediamatic collaborator he directed several projects to draw attention to our (sometimes twisted) relation with the planet and its resources, like Kool Abundance, The Starvation Experiment, and the building of a holy pigeon tower out of recycled newspapers.


Yellow Oyster Mushroom growing on the newly revealed tower - Anne Lakeman

Bad rep

Feral city pigeons have a bad reputation but that says more about us humans than it says about the pigeon. It's also a relatively recent perception. Throughout history, pigeons have always been highly valued, both for their incredible skills to find their way home, as well as for their meat and the quality of their droppings. Before the use of artificial fertilizers, pigeon excrement was indispensable, especially in the Middle-east, for food production. The monumental pigeon towers of Isfahan in Iran serve as an inspiration. 

Come to his presentation and learn more about his view on the relation between humans and the earth, his challenging art-projects, and the pigeon towers that are currently under construction. (Tickets are free, but please RSVP to reserve a spot) 


Friday 22nd of January at 17:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: RSVP