Sample Kit FAQ

Odorama Sample Kit

Since July 2019 we have been connecting to our online Odorama audience through a Sample Kit. This process 


Preparing the blotters to go in the Sample Kits - Abbie Moran

I bought my Sample Kit ticket two weeks before the Odorama, but I have not received my Sample Kit yet. When can I expect it?

Some smells do not last longer than a week, which is why we send our packages at the beginning of the week of the event.

I live in the USA and bought a ticket to your online lecture before the deadline, when do I get my Sample Kit?

Unfortunately, we noticed we cannot get our Sample Kits to our audience outside of the Netherlands as we would want. This is why we always encourage people to let us know if they are tuning in from abroad so that we can try to send the Sample Kit earlier. Or, as we make an edit of our live stream - we send you the Sample Kit but invite you to watch the edited live-stream version a week after the event.

I think you have my wrong address. Where can I check it?

When you buy a ticket through our Stager ticketing system, you create an account. Here you can log in and see your Personal information which includes an address line.

Do I have to pay extra money for the sending costs of the Sample Kit?

The sending costs are included in your Sample Kit ticket.