Auguste Macenaite

How to make a good presentation

About to make a presentation for your workshop or lecture? Include these tips when making your next presentation and leave your audience inspired!


Kate McLean presenting her research in the Sluisdeurenloods - Anisa Xhomaqi

With: Kate McLean

How to make good slides?

1. Pick a design and stick to it! Don't change fonts and don't change font size too much! Tip: if you want to follow the graphic design of Mediamatic use the font "Georgia"

2. Use slides to support what you are saying, not what you are saying. This means that a slide should not be packed with text. Instead, use a few sentences, bullet points and focus on visual material, e.g. pictures, videos. 

3. If you need help remembering what you want to say, use slide notes.


Powerpoint notes -

4. Use high-quality visuals. Never simply stretch a small, low-resolution photo to make it fit your layout – doing so will degrade the resolution even further. Avoid using PowerPoint Clip Art or other cartoonish line art.


Bad slide example -


good slide -

How to be a good presenter and engage your audience?

1. Don't read your slides! It makes your audience feel distanced and people will know you’re reading. The intimate connection will disappear, and everything feels a lot more formal.

2. Find a balance of your body movements. Naturally, when people are nervous they often move too much, which is distracting for the audience: walk around a lot, shift their weight from one leg to another. Thus, unless walking around comes naturally and confidently to you, it is best to stick to one place mostly and use hand gestures as a way to move and look alive. If you do move to show something on the screen, come back to the presentation table place. This way our photographer can catch the best light and make you look your best!

3. Make eye contact. Find five or six friendly-looking people in different parts of the audience and look them in the eye as you speak. Think of them as friends you haven’t seen in a year, whom you’re bringing up to date on your work.

4. Speak up! Don't murmur under your nose, even if you are talking to a microphone. Talking to the audience openly and clearly will make your presentation way more memorable.