Nathan Henneken

Social Media Report January 2021

Update and report of the changes we made to our social media strategy after the report of November 2020.


As of January 19 2021, the Mediamatic Instagram account has 10.210 followers, gaining 17 in the last 30 days and 41 since the last report in November. This is considerably less than in November. According to Socialblade, many new people are following us, but many others are also unfollowing. This is likely due to the more stricter Coronavirus measures and lockdown which happened in early December. The same can be seen for the Mediamatic ETEN account: ever since the Horeca shutdown in October, the account has been steadily losing followers, despite it doing better than our main account before the second lockdown. Posting more on the restaurant account seems to be doing more damage, as with each post, more people unfollowed, likely because it doesn't make sense to follow a restaurant while you can't visit it. Posting on the main account however, has helped, as we have still been able to gain followers despite being completely closed, and we have even managed to improve our engagement rate. 


Gained Followers per week for Mediamatic Instagram (via Socialblade) -

Looking at the follower history for the last 3 months, it's interesting to see how different events influence the amount of followers we receive. It makes sense for Odorama to be a big driver in followers, because it attracts a lot of attention and many people watch online and in person. Our new strategy also started working well, but, as can be seen, it is difficult for an institution that is all about experiencing, to gain followers when it has to remain closed.


Engagement rate

In November 2020, I reported that Mediamatic's posts got an engagement rate of 0.56%, and that the average engagement rate lies between 1 and 3%. In an effort to improve this, we decided to change our social media strategy. The main changes we implemented were:

  • Posting less. Before, it was often two or three times a day, now a few times a week, with max. 1 a day.
  • Posting more interesting, intriguing, and story-filled content. Before, we would constantly promote workshops and events, without much inspiration or original or fun content, and this hurt our engagement. Since then, we have shifted to only promoting workshops and events a few times, and only with good content. We have also created a few interesting "series" of posts, about things Mediamatic has done, things you can see at Mediamatic, fun informational posts about plants, or DIY how-to posts.

Our change of strategy worked, and in 2 months we have managed to almost double our engagement rate to 1.02%, with our last 20 posts getting 102 likes on average, with 5 of those posts getting more than 150 likes.


Well performing posts

Here are some of our best performing posts in the last 3 months, all from after we implemented the new strategy. They all try to tell a story or show something interesting or informational in a fun way.


Instagram post on Candylab -


Instagram post Haeckel poster -


Instagram post toxic christmas plants -


Instagram post Haeckel Hunt -


Instagram post water kefir how-to -



As of 19 Januari, the facebook page has 18.727 likes, which is a loss of 41 since the last report. As mentioned in the previous report, Facebook is not the place to look for likes and followers. However, posts on there can be very effective in getting people to a webpage directly, more so than instagram because they have to click on the link in bio and then are directed to a landing page, where they have to select what they want to see themselves. On Facebook, we can share links in our posts and direct people immediately to wherever we want them. We didn't post much on Facebook for the last few months, mostly because we were closed, but the one event I shared, about the Myco-assemblage talk, got 17 link clicks, which led them directly to the page of the event. For events like the Odoramas, links should definitely be incorporated into the posts more.


Facebook post myco assemblage -