Punch Cards

Info on making the punch cards and finding the materials

In the document below you will find an overview of which seeds to order and how many you need of each of them. In this list you will find the suppliers that were originally used. In 2021 we ordered from different suppliers. (info will be added later).

Making the cards 
To paste the seeds to the card you'll need potato glue. You can't buy it anywhere, so you'll have to make it yourself (which is pretty easy). The only things you need for this are maïzena, water and vinegar.

1) Mix 30g of maïzena with 125 ml of water, or multiply both in case you need more.
2) Boil the mixture until it gets thicker (the longer you boil the thicker the glue will get).
3) Afterwards add a teaspoon of vinegar to prevent the glue from molding.
4) Done!

You can find the ingredients you need to make this mixture in the backwall closet in the projectroom.