Pigeon Tower 04

Period: 23 October 2020
Mycelium: Grey Oyster Mushroom. Rectangular blocks.
Weather: -
Supplier: John Verbruggen Paddestoelen B.V.
Type: Round diameter 180cm, height 160cm.


Gentle - Pigeon Tower 04 Ben Hopley

The bigger, even and more robust bricks John provided were better suited for building. We created a round tower by gently pushing one side of the brick with both hands creating a wedge shape. We took great care to build evenly, checking how the walls ‘behaved’ as height increased. We inserted long willow shoots vertically and horizontally for extra support. Still, as we slowly decreased the size of the circles towards the top the lower part of the wall bulged slightly outwards. We contained it by putting lashing straps around the base. We used a large firebowl as a temporary makeshift roof which created a dark interior space. And although it rained a lot in the days after completion the tower survived. The outside became a bit wishy washy but in the darkness underneath the iron roof the walls has become solid white by strong mycelium growth.