Minji Choi

Artist, designer, researcher


Natuurwerkdag, Minji Choi - Narratives that are often talked about in opposition to one another, such as nature versus human intervention, transpose onto the same space and intersect in the same moment in time in Choi’s digital collages. She destabilizes divisions of time and space, knowledge and reality. Source: http://minji-choi.com/ Minji Choi

Minji Choi (1988) is a Korean artist, designer, and researcher, currently based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

She has developed her practice by focusing on the cultural symbolism of plants in relation to the urban landscape, by shifting from the human-centered to the plants’ point of view, which allowed her to discover culture through nature within a variety of contexts. By acknowledging the dignity of plants, her research aims to reframe our multilayered relationship with them, by reconsidering the subtle boundaries between natural and artificial, between the moral notions of good and bad, and the consideration for the individual and the ecosystem.

To communicate the complexity of the topic, she created a provisional series of gardens that manifest the vulnerable borderlines and hierarchy using various mixed media based on case studies.

From the artist's website, http://minji-choi.com/