Exhibition launch: Machine No.2 (Reindert)

By David Kerssens

23 Jul 2021

Having recently graduated from the Rietveld Academie, David is now showcasing his graduation piece at Mediamatic. This impressive mechanical installation drops and transports helicopter seeds by means of air and a valve system, and Friday at 17:00 you can see it in action! Come see it, and have a beer with us and the artist to celebrate. 


Machine No.2 (Reindert) by David Kerssens - Photo by Jordi de Vetten

Machine No.2
Machine No.2, also known as Reindert, is a steel machine with its sole purpose being to drop helicopter seeds. However, a lot more lies beneath the surface. The mechanism not only drops the seeds but also transports them back up again by means of air and a valve system. While showcasing this work along with his background in photography, David developed machines to capture natural phenomena in a fashion beyond mere image.

This machine has arisen from a tension between observing natural phenomena with an open minded curiosity and wonder, and simultaneously being under the pressure of an obsessive quest for meaning. David believes that communicating simple observations can lead to profound contemplation, but can also bring pure joy. With his work he explores fundamental, almost traditional notions of art and their place in a postmodern and relativist cultural landscape.

Machine 2.0 is on view over summer at the Mediamatic Sluisdeurenloods