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Izabella is a multi-disciplinary performance maker, using song, dance, comedy to question the status-quo and to make the audience feel touched deeply. 

Their mission is to be an ambassador for the Somatic Emancipation of Every Body, and to produce work that honours the re-enchantment of life to re-imagine a soulful earth into being. 

Izabella's work bridges alternative to mainstream culture, with wit and honesty; aiming to inspire wildly enchanted embodiment and compassionate action for social and environmental change. 


I propose to revive the 'Pussy Tutorials' with a new perspective of the menstrual cycle as being an opportunity for profound empowerment, whole-body-mind love for woman's sexual liberation. Through storytelling, song, audience participation and ritual theatre, I will invite the audience into an exploration of their own relationship to menstrual blood, challenging cultural stigma, assumptions and commercial dysfunction.
My intention with this piece is to remind people that it's because of menstrual blood that we all exist, that this blood is the bed we all laid in as we grew inside out mothers womb, and thus it must be given the highest respect and honour. As is my style, the delivery will be both humorous and dry, ridiculous and passionate, the paradox of life embraced! Yet ultimately, and seriously drawing into focus the innate and perhaps forgotten power of womb-blood symbolically, medicinally and sexually. 
link for the Pussy Tutorials: The Pussy Tutorials – iZA (izafinch.com).
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