Free Tattoos

Haeckel Tattoo Station

with Gentle Ink

21 Oct 2021

New tattoo on your mind? During our Carnaval at Dutch Design Week you have the opportunity to get free tattoos! Our collaborators, Gentle Ink, have come up with their own tattoo designs inspired by Ernst Haeckel. Find us at Natlab with tattoo guns blazing! 


Gentle Ink - Tattoo Artist Source:

With: Gentle Ink

Gentle Ink

Gentle Ink is a tattoo shop in Amsterdam, committed to providing exceptional customer service and an unforgettable experience during your visit. Their highly professional and talented artists distinguish themselves from other artists in Amsterdam in quality, dedication and artistry. Their team consists of international as well as local artists.  


Inhuman Carnaval at Dutch Design Week
Haeckel Tattoo Station
20th October 2021, 14:00-18:00
Natlab, Eindhoven

Tattoos are for free