Marguerite d'Ervau

Self-Design Enzo Mari Furniture - WO Assistant checklist

with Niels Albers

High quality furniture that can be made by anyone, with simple tools and without special training – this was the idea behind Enzo Mari’s design approach. As a tribute to the work of the communist furniture designer Enzo Mari, the godfather of the Maker Movement, we host a DIY furniture workshop with Niels Albers.

As a workshop assistant, your role is to set up the space before the workshop, do ticketing, help out during the workshop and clean up. Don't hesitate to print this assistant checklist and have it with you on the day of workshop! 

Here is some information about ticketing when you are a workshop asistant.


Workshop participant holding her Enzo Mari creation - Jessica Cohen

General information

Time ~6h (2h prep + 4h during)

Location: Mediamatic Biotoop, Sluisdeurenloods
Max. participants: 6
Tutor: Niels Albers
Phone number: 0648185396
Email address:


Material checklist

For this workshop, you will need:

  • 1 pp Pallets [Barn]
  • 1 pp Benches (A frame), below enzo mari box [Barn]
  • 1 pp Blankets [Dry Storage]
  • 1 pp Saws [Barn]
  • 1pp Hammers [Barn]
  • Wood planks [Barn + Niels will bring extra]
  • Screws [Barn]
  • Bits [Barn]
  • Drills [Barn]
  • Sandpaper [Barn]
  • Nails [Barn]
  • 10 Work gloves [Barn]
  • 1pp Safety glasses [Barn]
  • 1pp Over-ear protection [Barn]
  • 10 Ear plugs (foam) [Barn]
  • 1 pp pencils [Stationary box in the office]
  • 1 pp Clamps [Barn]
  • Water with glasses [Bar]
  • Printed designs [Print at the office]


To-Do List


Before the workshop

Start preparing in the week before the workshop.

Double-check if the barn will be clean and ready for the workshop.
Check if all required tools are available.

On the day before

  • Prepare book “Autoprogettazione” by Enzo Mari, if available at the office - check if someone has it at home and can bring it
  • Print designs that are at the bottom of this page
  • Print for each participant: File “Adjusted measurements - sedia chair”
  • Additionally, print one copy of all other files in the folder
  • Prepare Mediamatic program folders for everyone.
  • Take one key with you, just to make sure that you can enter the building if you arrive first.
  • Check the final list of participants.
  • Make sure that Stager is properly installed on your phone and working.
  • Make one final check in the barn.
  • Set up the space (IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure that there's enough space between each working station so participants can move around easily and work without disturbing one another) 
    • Takedown the leftover wood (if any) at the back of the barn (in the Enzo Mari section) and place it in front of the projection screen
    • For each working station you will need:
      • 1 pallet 
      • 1 A-frame/benches
      • 1 saw 
      • 1 Hammer
      • 1 pair of gloves 
      • 1 pair of safety glasses
      • 1 over-ear protection 
      • 1 pair of earplugs 
      • 1 set of copies of all files 
      • 1 Pencil
      • Clamps
    • The nails can be placed in their box near the woods 

On the day itself

Be there an hour before the workshop starts to:

  • Get the barn keys and open the barn. They have a black cover and are on the key bunch of the restaurant keys (big metal key chain). If the restaurant keys are not there, you can find an extra barn key in the office (round wooden key chain).
  • Prepare a water station with carafes and glasses for everyone
  • Neils will bring in some woods (if needed) 

During the workshop:

  • Welcome participants and scan tickets.
  • Inform participants that they can get drinks/snacks at the restaurant.
  • Participate in the workshop 

After the workshop: 

  • This workshop is very time consuming to clean up 
  • Suggest that you ask Niels for help 
  • Put away things where you find them 
  • Bring the cups back to the bar 
  • Vacum the barn floor 
  • Close and lock-up the barn

An extra notes: 

  • Participants may ask to keep their chairs at Mediamatic to pick up later in the week. This is perfectly okay. However, make sure that you get their name and email (or phone number). 
  • If they don't come by within a week or two, contact them to ask them to pick their chairs up. 

Timeline of the workshop



Set up space with pallets and equipment 


Offer tutor a coffee,  set up water for guests and have stager prepared 


Doors open 


Workshop begins and Niels starts introduction 


Start making the furniture 


Wrap up 


Workshop end and cleanup begins 


Finish clean up



Workshop in full swing! - Taken during Self-design Enzo Mari Furniture by Niels Albers. Photo 2021 by Anisa Xhomaqi for Mediamatic Anisa Xhomaqi

With: Niels Albers