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WO Assistant checklist - Foraging for Mental Health

with Lynn Shore

In the workshop Foraging for Mental Health, Lynn Shore takes the participants on a mindful guided session to explore ways to engage with everyday nature in order to support their mental health. They will learn to know a few useful plant friends and their health effects in their immediate surroundings through using their senses, as well as techniques they can use to ground yourself with city nature. 

As a workshop assistant, your role is to make sure all the materials are there, order missing materials and help Lynn if needed. Don't hesitate to print this assistant checklist and have it with you on the day of workshop! 

Here is some information about ticketing when you are a workshop assistant.


Foraging for Mental Health Interaction - With Lynn Shore Eszter Jámbor

General information about the workshop

Time: ~3h (1h prep + 2h during)

Location: the Biotoop gardens and the Tuinkamer
Tutor: Lynn Shore
Phone number: +31 (0)6 275 969 30


Material checklist

For this workshop, you will need:

  • 1 p.p. HB pencil [Workshop box]

    Pens -

  • 1 p.p. A4 Clipboards [Workshops box]
  • 1 p.p. Plant drawings/notes framework sheet [To be printed: document attached at the bottom of this page]
  • 1 p.p. Organoleptic tasting sheet [To be printed: document attached at the bottom of this page]
  • 1 p.p. Plant information sheet [To be printed: document attached at the bottom of this page]
  • 1 p.p. Paper cups [Dry storage]
  • 1 Bag of organic soil [Aquaponics]
  • 1 Boiler for tea [Dry storage]
  • 1 p.p. Pens [Office]
  • 10 Glasses [Bar]
  • 1 Carafe of water [Bar]


To-Do List


Before the workshop

Prepare in the week before:

  1. Check if we have enough pens, erasers and paper. If we don’t have enough, go buy.
  2. Print the handouts and clip them to the boards.
  3. Sharpen all the pencils.
  4. Prepare the room, bring boiler, water and other supplies into the Tuinkamer.


On the day itself

Be there an hour before the workshop and start to:

  1. Make sure the room is nice and tidied up / Help the tutor to set up the room.
  2. Get water and glasses for the participants.

Be there to welcome participants and scan the tickets.

Take a photo of the workshop. This can be, for example, an overview photo, a photo of the product, or a photo of the participants. When taking photos of participants, remember to ask for permission.

After the workshop ends:

  1. Clean up papers, clipboards and pens.
  2. Clean up boiler and cups in the Tuinkamer.
  3. Put everything in the Workshop box and bring it upstairs.


Timeline of the workshop



Set-up the space, bring in supplies


Arrange tea set up


Welcome the tutor (coffee?)


Prepare for ticketing and handing out clipboards with sheets to people who arrive


Introduction with tea made by Lynn


Group walks around Dijkspark discussing the plants


Return to Tuinkamer


Tasting of tea and note taking


Putting plants into the paper cups with soil


Closing thoughts, summary of the evening


Finish and clean up