Jeanne Rousselot

Delivery time : Weekdays from 10am to 5pm

The world belongs to those who get up early!

How a simple Albert Heijn delivery to Mediamatic became a nice way for two strangers to get to know each other. 

Last week an Albert Heijn delivery was supposed to deliver groceries for the Gentle Disco. 

The order was planned to come before 6pm to allow the driver to enter the street before the pole would be blocked. 

Unfortunately it was not the case, the pillar was already blocked at 17:40. H. the driver could not drive towards Mediamatic to deliver the 8 crates he had for us. He decided to carry on the trolley as much crates as he could. It was 3° degrees and the crates were quite heavy, I let you imagine the joy. 

That's where I come in the story. He came to Mediamatic, a bit annoyed obviously. I opened him the AromaLab and he explained me his problem. Since I knew the code for the pole I wanted to give him. He showed me the comments of the delivery from his Albert Heijn app; you can not enter the street because it is blocked by the municipality. You might have a fine if you enter the street with your truck. That's why I decided to walk with him to the pole to press the code and on the way he was calling the customer service. 

When we arrived at the pole, someone answered on the phone. They talked together in Dutch about the situation, I could understand some parts. There was a chance that the Municipality would give a fine either to us, to Albert Heijn or to the driver. H. didn't want to risk it and decided to take the last crates he needed to deliver to us. 

We walked again to Mediamatic, still 3°, still heavy crates. 

Despite the nice encounter with H. it would be easier to choose a morning delivery to avoid this to happen again and be sure we protect drivers from hernia and delay in their working days! 

Thank you for reading!