Presentation: Thijske Akerboom


Beftival Museumnacht 2021

6 Nov 2021
6 Nov 2021

Thijske works with latex in a wearable and sculptural context and has a fascination for bodies and shapes and how they relate or seem to contradict. For her, working with latex feels like working with a skin that can be adapted to the shape of the body. At the same time, it also gives the possibility to play and completely deform the body that carries it. She uses pigments from food scraps and local plant-based resources in her designs. This tongue is dyed with beetroot.


Glossarium - Large tongue installation made of latex by Thijske Akerboom , presented at Beftival  during Museumnacht 2021.  Anisa Xhomaqi, Thijske Akerboom

This event is part of Beftival during Museumnacht Amsterdam.