Open Call

Send your proposal before 1 september 2022

Penny for your thoughts round 3

We would like to invite you to write a proposal for a project that fits within our current interests. (To find out what we want to explore and research in the near future: click here!

We publish the ideas that appeal to us here on our website. We pay a fee of 500 euros for the publication.


Morphology of Sprout Leaves detail1 - Form der Keimblätter ca. 1850 German lithograph ca 1850 courtesy Wellcome Collection Publication: M. Formerg, Blattformen Tafel 1 : Lithographie, druck u. verlag von C. C. Meinhold & Sōhne, Dresden c. 1850 Lettering transcription: Form der keimblätter. Bohne - Vicia faba, Eiche - Quercus sessiliflora, Hafer - Avena sativa,  Reference: Wellcome Library no. 28434i

Such a publication is a good way to claim your idea and it can help you to realize the project. Not only do we read the proposal, but it is also open to be viewed by our entire network. 

Of course, the idea remains your intellectual property and we have no rights over the proposal. We do ask for the first right to work with you on your project and produce it at Mediamatic.


  • It must be a new idea
  • It must fit Mediamatics policy plan
  • You can write the plan in either Dutch or English

Project plans will only be accepted through our participation form. In it, we ask you to explain the following elements:

[work]Title of the Project
A brief summary of the project (max. 140 words)
Names and links to the website or Instagram of everyone working on the project.
Description of the project. What do you want to do and why?
How does your project connect to the Mediamatic plan? Provide a brief explanation.
How long do you need to carry out the project?
Visual material
How much should your project cost? Give a brief explanation.
Possibly: how could you expand your project even further?

Deadline: 1 September 2022

Read the projectplans from previous editions here