Andrea Valdivia
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Head chef Gino Marengo peeling onions

Our Head Chef Gino tells his story with onions

Growing up in Suriname, with a hunting grandfather who picked game directly from the forest, Gino came into contact with animals, fresh ingredients and rich dishes from an early age. He ate everything from iguana eggs to armored fish , but he didn't like vegetables. "Sopropo, boulanger, it all tasted so bitter, it was way too intense!" He now transforms every vegetable into a sensational spectacle, reinterpreting traditional dishes in a surprising way, connecting food cultures, flavors and memories.

At Mediamatic ETEN he will delve into the eating and drinking habits of our multicultural society and present the tastiest versions of traditional dishes, with a focus on pure and local products. All 100% plant based.

Photo credit: Andrea Valdivia