Viviana M. Calderon de la Barca


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Diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion lay at the heart of all of Viviana's sociocultural creative projects. With her latest audiovisual installation on textile circularity, coproduced by Baltan Laboratories and exhibited this year at NATLAB in Eindhoven, she wants to further encourage acceptance and change by working along with different generations and people with autism.

Viviana has been trained and worked internationally as a language and cultural educator in different levels—from preprimary education to university. In Canada, Viviana has assisted parents and their children with educational support to overcome speech delay problems with the guidance of speech pathologists. Later in Amsterdam she has taught undergraduate foreign language curricula that considered students born with brain damage.

Currently, Viviana is also working on her next documentary on textile designer and women enterpreneurs. She is a happy Netherlands based documentary and fiction writer and filmmaker, who works mostly from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and sleeps in Eindhoven.



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  • Viviana Selene M. Calderon de la Barca