Space, Spirit, Souvenirs

Penny for your Thoughts Project Presentations with Mandy den Elzen, Lucie Majerus and Margherita Falqui

18 Aug 2022

How can we capture the essence of a place? Three artists reflect on how we can use our senses to understand, connect with– and even archive places.

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Blinded Smelling - During the Workshop The Scent of Amsterdam: Distilling Odors of an Urban Landscape, public was asked to divide in couple and explore the city through the smell. Margherita Soldati

Come join the third edition of our Penny for your Thoughts Presentations, where makers, designers and artists present new ideas and future project plans!

Mandy den Elzen investigates how our nose can help us to archive a landscape. Margherita Falqui tries to understand an area by eating and drinking it. Lucie Majerus searches for a lasting and meaningful souvenir: can a combination of colours and scents take you back to your favourite holiday?

The Essence of a Forrest


Mandy den Elzen portrait -

In 1515 the Mastbos was constructed, making it the oldest pine forest in the Netherlands. One can find many documents, pictures, and data about it but there is no documentation of its smells. That's why artist Mandy den Elzen wants to create an olfactory archive of the Mastbos, an experiment that not only expands on how sensorial and immersive an archive can be but also invites us to appreciate how the smell of a place is an integral part of its history and identity. Mandy will talk about her proposal The essence of the Mastbos and her interest and practices in preserving the smells of all the different species one can find in this forest. She will also show us her collection of preserved and fresh Mastbos leaves! 


The essence of the mastbos - Met het onderzoek “The essence of the Mastbos” ligt mijn focus op het distilleren en archiveren van de geur van elke naaldboomsoort in dit bos om hiermee een zintuiglijke registratie tot stand te brengen. Mandy den Elzen

Sustainable souvenirs?

Keychains, magnets, postcards and other plastic trinkets: these are a few things that come to mind when we think of souvenirs. What if there was an alternative and more meaningful way of capturing the spirit and aura of a space?


Portrait of Lucie Majerus - Photo by Krystyna Dul  and Keven Erickson Lucie Majerus

As a product designer, Lucie Majerus is interested in how we can create valuable un/tangible memories with unusual materials and design new cultural behaviors. In her proposal Colour-Smells of Amsterdam, she talks about the development of her “Colour-smells of…” series; By taking trips to Greece, Luxembourg and Paris, she explores places with these three questions: What shapes has the place? What is the smell of the place? What are the colors of the place?. Come learn more about her process which includes working with locals and collecting local colors and smells with memorabilia and materials. Let's collectively explore how we can develop these sensorial meaningful connections to spaces, especially in a city like Amsterdam which is undergoing the negative and unsustainable effects of mass-tourism. What could  the colour-smells of Amsterdam be?


Image of Memento - Memento is a concept about Taste-seeing and Smell-seeing while traveling by Lucie Majerus. A new way of collecting and cherishing memories trough the idea of making your own fading souvenir with local natural resources. In the first Memento edition you taste, touch and smell Greece, with beeswax candles and postcards printed with vegetable inks in abstracted greek architecture shapes. Photo taken by  Lucie Majerus Lucie Majerus

Ingesting Spaces

With her proposal liquid maquis, artist & designer Margherita Falqui is interested in how we can explore the connection to a territory and its curative potential by drinking it, ingesting it, and feeling it. Her land of origin, Sardinia has ignited her fascination for alchemy, witchcraft, and herbalism and has inspired her idea to create a liquid herbarium of the Mediterranean maquis, an edible/drinkable archive of this curative landscape.


Portrait of Margherita Falqui - This is the profile picture of Margherita Falqui

How can we develop practices of healing and caring through rediscovering forgotten and overlooked but very insightful and fascinating plants? Join us this evening and learn more about Margherita’s idea to distill a territory and make drinkable elixirs out of its flora, in a process that combines scientific methods with the curative potential of disciplines like alchemy and witchcraft. 


Dill Flowers in water - Researching plant infusions and tinctures Here you see some inspiration for making plant infusions and tinctures. Here you see the plants are put in water to transfer the essence into the water.  Photo taken by Margherita Falqui Margherita Falqui


Space, Spirit, Souvenirs
Thursday the 18th of August 2022
20.00 – 21.30

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Including a drink

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€25 | Student / Artist / Stadspas €17,50*

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