Pigeon Towers

Discover them Mediamatic!

5 Nov 2022

Is it a mushroom farm? Is it a tower? Is it fertile ground? Is it a maize field? Is it a pigeon tower? 

Come admire the pigeon towers during museum night. From waste streams from mushroom production to pigeons as flying fertilizers. The towers are multifaceted and unique and we would love to share them with you.

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pigeon tower with light - Anisa Xhomaqi

The mycelium pigeon tower is a constant process. It starts at the mushroom farm, from which we get the waste streams. Those waste streams are fertile blocks that mushrooms have grown on, which are now full of mycelium: the mushrooms' root system. With those blocks, we build a pigeon tower: which grows together as the mycelium acts as a connecting agent. On this fertile tower, we grow maize, which is eaten by pigeons. The pigeons, in turn, defecate in the tower, which ensures that the tower, which is now increasingly composting along with the maize leaves, becomes extra fertile. And on that fertile soil, we can then grow mushrooms. The towers are an ode to pigeons and their fertile poop, and an experiment into material degradation as part of a design process.


Learn more about the pigeon towers during Museum Night 2022, on November 5th.