Jip Santen

Aquaponics Assistant


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Hi :) 

My name is Jip (she/her), I am 22 years old, and I grew up here in Amsterdam. During my studies I left Amsterdam to live in Vancouver, a little town in Ohio, and in Wageningen, where I recently got my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Technology. During my studies my love for the outdoors has grown and I find myself the happiest when I am hiking, cycling, and camping with friends. Issues connected to land (use) are a special interest of mine. Land has so much economic, social, and spiritual value, and the way we ‘consume’ that value in such different ways all over the world is very interesting to me. The creative ways in which we can solve land use issues here in Amsterdam, such as the (refugee) housing crisis, heat stress, or food security give me a lot of energy, as it breaks the boundaries between social and natural structures; and the arts and the sciences.

At Mediamatic I work in the aquaponic greenhouse. It’s my pride and joy to make sure the fish are taken care of, and I am getting to know a bunch of funky plants that we can grow in the greenhouse and serve in the restaurant. Right now Andreas and I are preparing a project to learn more about the potential and the possible problems of irrigating our plants with canal water from the Dijksgracht.

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