Marinel Blankers

Cheese by Marinel Blankers

Neo Futurist Dinner: Ears of Earth

The base of the cheese is made of a mix of oats and lentils from the local farm of Pieter Bijlsma. Species of beans and wheat are companion species, which means that they naturally grow together and have a symbiotic relationship. Growing these species together is called mixed cropping. This does raise the issue that the crops have to be separated again once they are harvested. This harvest was to small to separate so mostly ended up as cattle feed, the rest became this cheese. After preparing and fermenting the base, Marinel Blankers grew the fungus penicillium Camembert on the outside of the cheese. This fungus is known from the classic french cheese Camembert but it is also used in brie and some cured sausages. 


Camembert Cheese on plates by Morlok and Grislis - Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo