4-Course Dinner

If you are considering to make a reservation for the Serres Séparées, you might want to know, what you will be served. Here you can find our current menu and the drink pairings that we offer with the different courses. 


The First Course - The entree of the new Serres Séparées menu; beetroot tartar with - buckwheat, turnip kimchi, horseradish cream, caper puree, watercress and a pickled elderflower.

Due to the fact that our menu is based on seasonal vegetables and ingredients, it gradually evolves over time. Our kitchen is 100% plant-based and focusses on using local produce. If you would like to learn more about the creation of the menu or the philosophy behind our kitchen your can read more about our vision here.

We are very willing to consider and adjust dishes, according to dietary preferences. If you are aware of any intolerances or allergies we would like to ask you to inform us in advance. 

To book a ticket for our Serres Séparées 4-course dinner experience you can book a ticket for a greenhouse or a table inside our restaurant here.

The menu is available from Wednesday till Saturday between  18:00 & 20:30.