Suzanne Vivies Dupeyrat

Gunya Boeren Tesselaar

Exhibited Garment


Gunya Boeren Tesselaar - Credits : Stichting Art-East + Art-West  Stichting Narada Dutch Design Foundation   All final photos: Alex Blanco Process: Marjo van Schaik, Dasha Tsapenko


This  Gunya is made of waste. The farmer has to pay to get rid of it after he shaves the sheep. The cost of the shaving is 150 - 200 Euros. The farm is located in the region Ronde Hoep Noord Holland. The farmer has sheep because we eat the meat. However, we don't like wool. It is not soft enough. It is itchy. So we import wool from New Zealand, and we throw our Dutch wool away. It is time for a review: just imagine we wouldn’t eat sheep meat. Or imagine we would use all our wool. Or imagine we would stop importing wool from all over the world… We could have jackets, blankets of wool, home-made, caring, strong and warm. Without waste, without destruction.


Design: Marjo van Schaik 

Materials: Wool from “Boeren Tesselaars” genealogical unregistered    

Technique: Felting