Suzanne Vivies Dupeyrat

Gunya Seed Bank

Exhibited Garment


Gunya Seed Bank 2 - Credits : Stichting Art-East + Art-West  Stichting Narada Dutch Design Foundation   All final photos: Alex Blanco Process: Marjo van Schaik, Dasha Tsapenko


The Ukrainian seed bank in Kharkiv is bombed. It held many different seeds from all over Ukraine. It kept many types of onions, grains, as well as  sunflowers, marigolds and many more. Seedbanks tell the history ánd the future of a country. No seeds, no harvest, no food. This gunya gives shelter to humans and it gives shelter to seeds. Seeds from the designer’s garden, from different types of onions, sunflowers and marigold. This gunya can tell the story about someone’s garden or farm.


Design: Marjo van Schaik 

Materials: Wool from  “Boeren Tesselaars” farmers’ sheep, genealogical unregistered 

Technique: Felting