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Team of Krater (Ljubljana) collecting dry Japanese Knotweed to produce their Knotweed paper. - Krater

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Krater is an emerging production space for transdisciplinary practices, which sprouted from the neglected, crater-resembling construction site near the city center of Ljubljana. By exploring the potential for world-making projects on the lands of anthropogenic ruins, Krater acts as the situated prototype of a terraforming agency. Site-specific production stations (papermaking workshop, wood workshop & myco-design lab) which consist of open access, ever-evolving workshop spaces, are set to create a dialogue with the impoverished crust of earth colonised with invasive and other feral plants.

Taking the regenerative capacities of these pioneering species as its inspiration, Krater is set to produce environmentally conscious materials, practices and alliances which invite urban communities to open their eyes to the land and each other anew. Doing so, it reimagines wastelands as spontaneous gardens of human-plant companionships, working together towards building more interconnected futures.
KRATER is a collaboration between the Trajna Association, the prostoRož Association, the Slovenian Permaculture Association, the Association for Discarded Plants, the Agrodivision Association, permaculturist John Buscarino and designer Rok Oblak.

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