Brouwersberaad: Challenging Brewers!

Brouwersberaad 01: Curated by Emile Corre

Ever heard of our Biersberaad events? Get ready for the revitalised version Brouwersberaad! Curated by Emile Corre, experimental brewer and innovative explorer of sustainable solutions, Brouwersberaad will discover the future of (non-)alcoholic beverages. This event will take you on an astonishing journey of startling brews and more. Including talks, tastes and quests to the unknown flavours of world changing concoctions.  

This event has been postponed, more information soon


Bierproeverij door Oedipus -


Challenging Brewers!

The beverage industry comes with a lot of challenges. While alcoholic drinks are still the norm in hospitality, artisan brews like Kombucha and lemonades are making an entry. 

In this event we are not only challenging brewers look at what lies beyond the beer and wine, but we have also invited some radical beverage producers. These radical brewers take a look at the environmental and social impact of their production and present some wild alternatives. From brewing from waste products, such as the Japanese knotweed, or  removing the water from the drink process to rethinking the logistical challenge.

Come learn, taste, smell and enjoy Japanese Knotweed non-alcoholic beverages that can help save the environment! 

With each talk, we will taste the surprising drinks made by our speakers. 

About Emile Corre

Our curator, Emile Corre is an experimental brewer/artist/designer/explorer who devises solutions that make the world more logical. With a team of designers, researchers and activists, he works on concrete projects with direct impact, and on big ideas that - hopefully - change the world and push the food climate in the right direction. 

By using organic waste products such as the Japanese knotweed, Emile and his team produce surprising and delicious non-alcoholic beverages under his De Rozer Bunker lemonade brand, that solves environmental problems instead of creating them. Each flavor of Roze Bunker has its own delicious taste and mission. Each ingredient has its own challenges in the industry. 

About the speakers 

Tom Van Stijn, Roze Bunker. 

Tom van Styn is Emile Corre's brewer at Roze Bunker. Together, they will talk about how their brewing project came about, which problems are tackled and how flavour is inherently linked to brewing solutions. We will discover flavours such as Green tea from green manure, Tulip soft drinks to combat poison and planting elderflower forests in endless grassland. Tom Van Stijn asks us how these ingredients come back into the products of others.

Jaz Hereford, Degrowth Lab. 

Degrow lab is an Utrecht- based kombucha microbrewery. We are obsessed with brewing craft kombucha, while also determined to run our company according to principles of sustainability. This means sourcing locally, collaborating with other small businesses, and selecting ingredients for their impact. For instance, our Nabij kombucha is brewed with wildflowers planted in the Dutch countryside specifically to benefit pollinators and other insects. We also work with circular ingredients, such as our orange hibiscus kombucha which uses upcycled residual streams from orange peels.

The team: 
Jaz Hereford is degrow lab's founder and head of product development. Our co-founders are Lilly Xiong, who manages our finances and makes sure the bills are paid; Gabriël Bijleveld, our technical lead and brewer; and Tom Sifrin who leads our sales and marketing.

About Jaz : 
Originally from Hawaii, Jaz came to the Netherlands for a Masters study in sustainable development and ended up staying here. During the first Covid lockdown he took up kombucha brewing to keep sane, and this quickly spiraled out of control. When Jaz realized that his passions for sustainability and fermentation were not necessarily separate, he decided to quit his job as a consultant, and start a kombucha brewery based on degrowth principles. Fast forward two and half years later and degrow lab has grown into a wonderful little brewery with a strong team behind it.