Cooking with Invasive Species Workshop:

Fermenting Knotweed

with Eva van Dée

13 Apr 2024

Join us during our Japanese Knotweed Season and discover the magic of the knotweed plant! This exciting workshop combines the  art of lacto-fermentation with the challenge of utilising 'invasive' species, transforming a commonly found plant into a tasty and unique culinary experience. 



Co-design with Microbes: Kombucha - Participants during the first edition of the kombucha workshop with Eva van Dée Vu Ha


What you will do

Get ready to get your hands dirty! We'll guide you through the entire process of lacto-fermenting Japanese knotweed. Learn the secrets of this age-old preservation technique, exploring its science and benefits. Lacto-fermentation is the process by which bacteria break down the sugars in foods and form lactic acid. Commonly known Lacto-fermented foods include yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles.

Discover how fermentation enhances flavors, adds a delightful tang, and creates probiotic-rich foods. We'll dispel misconceptions surrounding Japanese knotweed and unlock its surprising potential as a delicious ingredient. You'll take home a jar of your very own fermented Japanese knotweed, and the knowledge and skills to continue fermenting at home. 



Fermentation try-out with freshly picked Japanese Knotweed - Filippo Iannone

Eva van Dée

With a background in design engineering and seasoned experience in fine dining kitchens, Eva approaches the culinary arts from a distinct scientific perspective. Operating on this intersection uniquely set her up to develop a specific interest in food fermentation. During her residency at Mediamatic, she aims to expand her interconnectedness with collaborators ranging from the wildest microbes to all humans that share her curiosity of the microcosmos. She enjoys inspiring others with her fascination for and knowledge of fermentation. 

Japanese Knotweed Season 2024

Every spring, Mediamatic organises a season around Japanese knotweed. Knotweed is a fast-growing plant known in Europe for being considered invasive. What many do not know, however, is that this plant species has a host of positive properties. During this season we will explore how to live in harmony with this controversial plant.


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13th of April

Time: 12:00-14:00

Attendance is limited to 14 people. We maintain a minimum of 8 participants.

Please note that, unless everyone speaks Dutch, this workshop will be held in English.

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