Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rock in Rio.


Graffiti in Rio - Image by Kaj Bjurman found on flickr

Rio de Janeiro is a fabulous and vivacious town with an element of urban chaos. Here, anything goes and the law is bendable. For further information, statistics and more, read up on Rio de Janeiro and don't miss looking at colorfotos to get a clear picture of Rio's ambiance in your mind. For tourist information, go to Brazil Sensational. If you want further lists of what others have gone and done before you, take a look at carnaval where you will find not just info about Rio do's and dont's but about Brazil in general.

Travel deals can be arranged via travel wise and all official information at Brasil.Gov.

Due to an extreme interest in Rio's annual carnival we advise you to not forget planning ahead this tour if your intentions are to be part of this year's carnival rio-carnival. Enjoy Rio!

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