Sensor Fest evening 1 - Tuesday November 23

During Dev Camp 2010 thirty hackers, programmers and designers will work together on new interactive, social sensor installations. The theme is ikSentric design. Think bio-mapping and measuring physical responses. Be the first to see and play with the new installations. RSVP on our website.


Skinput project - Appropriating the human body as an input device. A project by Chris Harrison.

Dev Camp

During the Dev Camp the participants will work on new interactive installations. They'll concentrate on data generated from human interaction and output. The installations show us something about who we are, and how we respond to each other. Join us to hear what the programmers have to say about their work. Have a drink, explore, and play with us.

Sensor Fest

Sensor Fest takes place on November 23, 24 and 25 at Mediamatic Bank. It sheds a light on the newest developments in the world of sensors. Sensors are increasingly employed in the creative sector, as well as in the world of medicine, agriculture, new media, and by the government. What can sensors tell us about ourselves and the world?

On the second day of Sensor Fest Ignite Amsterdam 3 takes place: 15 presenters get 5 minutes each to present their sensor-related project. We'll wrap up on day 3 with three special guests from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University.

More information

Doors open at 8pm. 3-day tickets are going at the discount price of €7,50 (that's 50% off!) and 1-day tickets have been knocked down from €5,- to €3,-. Grab yourself a bargain! RSVP on our website.

(Photo: Skinput project by Chris Harrison.)