Otto Treffers

In Transit: the Red Light District

Sat. 13.06.2009 at Mata Hari / Rooms of Red Bull

13 Jun 2009
13 Jun 2009

Experience transits in time and space as they unfold at the Red Light District. Go around the corner, take the illuminated stairs, at the end of the tunnel you’ll find no train.


in_transit_no1.jpg - Otto Treffers

A transition of time marked by music, from early eighties up to the most recent in electronics. Dirty disco, distorted electro, Indie dance and more stuff that make you want to dance.
DJ’s Stevie Danger (Electronation) and Tron (Discoscene)

Mata Hari. Former gambling palace, future luxury apartments, a unique place with a tumultuous past right there amongst ‘the ladies of pleasure’. We are pleased to be able to welcome you there and ring in the new future together.

Belly dancing cloths and subtle light-sculptures to bring you visual treats. In collaboration with Veronique de Koning, Evert Groen and VJ Danihjel.