Styrofoam (piepschuim) and glue suitable for Styrofoam

For the building of styrofoam pavilions we ordered styrofoam from a company named KNAUFF INSULATION.
Telephone number: 0162 421245
We ordered styrofoam boards for ten pavilions in the following sizes:
15 (120x200x4cm)
50 (60x200x4cm)
20 (112x200x4cm)
10 (180x120x4cm
10 (180x60x4cm)

To assemble the pavilions we use montage kit. Our test has shown that Bison kit heavy duty is ideal for the bonding of Styrofoam to Styrofoam. Other types of Styrofoam glues are only suitable for the bonding of Styrofoam with other materials.


Styrofoam - Eline

Warning: there are two types (two different foam processes) of Polystyrene: EPS and XPS.
EPS is light inflammable, often used for packing filling in boxes for fragile things.
XPS on the other hand, is used for building. Because of this different process, this foam is extinguishing.

We used pressed EPS blocks from BCC for building things in the gallery space. They are actually pressed for a good effecient waste.
The blocks are different in sizes, but normally around 120cm x 40cm x 40 cm. Weight 40kg.
They catch fire, but not really fast. The polystyrene melts.

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