Ton Zijlstra

Networked individual in a networked world

I work as an independent, or rather interdependent, consultant on the crossroads of knowledge work, learning and social media. I help people to co-create and collaborate. In ad-hoc teams suited for the project at hand, and both in on-line and face to face settings

I have been passionate about knowledge work, learning, and the ways we develop tools and strategies to navigate a networked world, ever since I first started using the internet in 1989. My background is in electronic engineering and philosophy of science, which reflects the crossroads I like to be on; people and the technology they use. I consider myself to be a networked individual, working in a networked world. I spend my time with different groups in different settings, but on topics that feel very much connected, at least to me. They feel connected because whatever it is I am doing, I am always passionate about increasing people's ability to act (my working definition of knowledge), and increasing their ability to change (my working definition of learning).